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[création 2022]


Wolfgang Mitterer, composition Geoffroy Jourdain, musical direction Aurélien Bory, Stage direction and scenograph

Wolfgang Mitterer, composition Geoffroy Jourdain, musical direction Aurélien Bory, Stage direction and...[+]


The disappearance  of the landscape

[création 2021]

Text Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Stage direction Aurélien Bory

One of the first things that Denis Podalydès wrote to me on the subject of The Disappearance of Landscape by Jean-Philippe Toussaint was a question: is this about a sudden, violent intrusion of...[+]


I remember Heaven is far away the Earth as well

[création 2019]

Aurélien Bory / Mladen Materic

Aurélien Bory : Heaven is far away the Earth as well was the first show I saw when I arrived in Toulouse. Mladen Materic : In 1994, Heaven is far away the Earth as well was the Théâtre...[+]



[création 2018]

A piece by Aurélien Bory
for Shantala Shivalingappa

In Shantala Shivalingappa’s name we find Shiva, the lord of dance. According to the texts, Shiva has over one thousand names. He is the god of creation and destruction. Lord of cremation...[+]



[création 2016]

A PIECE BY Aurélien Bory

I choose a word that doesn’t exist as the title. A word that has no meaning. That owes its form to two juxtaposed words, « espèce » (species) and « espace » (space), contained in the...[+]



[création 2013]

A piece by Aurélien Bory
for le Groupe acrobatique de Tanger

Freely based on the figure of Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa Moroccan acrobats are called “the children of Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa”. He was an eminent 16th century Sufi thinker, whose grave has become a...[+]



[création 2012]

A piece by Aurélien Bory
for Kaori Ito

Plexus comes from the late period Latin and means « intertwining ».  Later on, the ordinary sense of the term used in the context of anatomy meant « the network of nerves or blood...[+]


Géométrie de caoutchouc

[création 2011]

A piece by Aurélien Bory
for a marquee

In Géométrie de caoutchouc -Rubber-Sheet Geometry- , the marquee is a cave, a mountain, a sea, a sky.  We roam around these manifold spaces, thus exploring our relationship to the world, from...[+]


Sans objet

[création 2009]

A piece by Aurélien Bory

Art does not progress, is not efficient, cannot be measured and proves nothing. We are living in a new era, where the relationship between human beings and technology is increasingly widespread....[+]



[création 2008]

a piece by Aurélien Bory
for Stéphanie Fuster

Qu’est-ce-que tu deviens ? “Qu’est-ce que tu deviens ?”, like the English, “What’s become of you ?”, is a question as banal as it is terrifying; it asks what you have become....[+]


Les sept planches de la ruse

[création 2007]

a piece by Aurélien Bory
with the artists from Dalian

Geometry is what inspires my work, most probably because the stage is first and foremost a space in which any form of action is subject to the laws of general mechanics. The stage is a place of...[+]


Plus ou moins l’infini

[création 2005]

Aurélien Bory - Phil Soltanoff

More or Less Infinity is a kinetic play. Movement is its main axis. This is the result of its very subject : the line, the fundamental nature of which is movement. The line is a direction that...[+]



[création 2004]

a piece by Aurélien Bory performed
by the Groupe acrobatique de Tanger

Where did the idea of working with acrobats from a different culture from your own originate? Let’s say that this project didn’t come from me. Sanae El Kamouni met me at the Théâtre...[+]


Plan B

[création 2003]

Aurélien Bory / Phil Soltanoff

Plan B An expression used mainly in whodunits and action films. You go on to plan B when plan A didn’t work. I enjoy all that enormously: building up a plan, providing a spare one, in the...[+]



[création 2000]


IJK, the title shows i, j and k vectors of the three dimensions, in the space geometry. IJK, is a volume, the volume of the stage, the volume in which is going to appear a movement and the...[+]