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The Furious SpaceThe Furious Space

I am approaching the text for the first time. I approach theater through the physics of space and I encounter Valère Novarina’s writing, which is the most physical writing in theatre. The physics of language meets the physics of space.

Aurélien Bory



A text by Valère Novarina
Directed by Aurélien Bory
assisted by Taïcyr Fadel
For and with the students of the 76th promotion Jalila Baccar / Fadhel Jaibi Matthieu Astré, Pierre-Emmanuel Brault, Maïté Lottin, Marie Menechi, Charlotte, Ngandeu Pougom, Fabien Rasplus, Sacha Ribeiro, Jules Robin, Aude Rouanet, Arthur Thibault-Starzyk, Alice Vannier, Anne Vigouroux
Authors, playwrights Nicolas Barry, Marie-Jana Rémond
Costume designers Adèle Antonin, Mathilde Giraudeau
Costume design assistant Coline Bavois
Head of the costume production workshop Virginie Meneret, Gabrielle Ponsard, Blandine Achard
Sound designers Coline Ménard, Robert Benz
Stage Managers Théo Cardoso, Camille Vitté
Lighting designers Clément Soumy, Mallaury Duhamel
Stage managers Agathe Gefrroy, Aurore Galati
Scenographers Julie Guivarc’h, Mathilde Morant
Directors Margaux Bruet, Daria Porokhovoï