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Piano PianoPiano Piano

a kinetic setup

Piano Phase by Steve Reich is a work created for two pianos, but whose principle is discovered with tape recorders. By superimposing two identical musical phrases, and accelerating one of the tapes, Steve Reich invents phasing, a musical phase shift that suggests new patterns. Later Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker creates on this music, Fase, a choreography where two synchronized dancers turn on themselves and shift their rotation following the phasing of the music. I imagine Piano Piano, like the superposition of the two works: two mechanical pianos play Piano Phase and turn on themselves. To the superposition, which is the principle of Piano Phase, is added the story of a work, which has slipped from tape recorders to pianos, from music to movement, to return here to its first mechanism, the cycle.
Aurélien Bory – March 2019



Designed by Aurélien Bory
Artistic and technical assistant Stéphane Chipeaux-Dardé
Light Arno Veyrat
Music Piano Phase by Steve Reich
Transposition of the score Joan Cambon
Construction Pierre Dequivre and Pierre Paillès
Programming Stéphane Dardé, David Puyoou
General management Stéphane Chipeaux-Dardé

Work created on the initiative of the International Piano Festival at the Jacobins with the assistance of the Couvent des Jacobins / Toulouse City Hall and the BNP Paribas Foundation.
As part of the Portrait/Landscape dedicated to Aurélien Bory by the ThéâtredelaCité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie