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The word ROBOT comes from fiction. He appears in a play by a Czech author Karel Čapek. It was his brother Joseph who had the idea of ​​composing it from the word ROBOTA which means work, work in Czech. This word has since spread all over the world and exists today in most languages. We designate by ROBOT all that closely or remotely resembles a machine endowed with autonomy. But it has retained a considerable place in the fiction from which it originated. In our imagination, it evokes all kinds of fantasies, fears, hopes. Yet the reality of robots is more concrete. The first mass introduction among men took place in the industry at the end of the sixties on the automobile assembly lines. This first robot, the industrial robot, has not evolved much since. It is still a six-axis articulated arm, capable of reaching any point in the space around it and which is supplemented by various tools to carry out high-precision tasks: assembly, painting, welding, cutting … In TROBO, the two industrial robots have the job of putting the subject of the exhibition in front of them, that is to say, aligning the letters that make up the word ROBOT. But this task is not straightforward. The two articulated arms obviously have a problem with their name. They then try to find solutions. The two robots once again become theater characters playing an endless story on stage: the slightly zany encounter between very real robotics and the imaginary word that defines it.
Aurelien Bory



Permanent work for the exhibition ROBOTS • City of Science and Industry
A commission from Universcience to Aurélien Bory for the City of Science and Industry and Design

artistic direction Aurélien Bory
Management and coordination Murielle Truong Van Nga
General management and lighting Arno Veyrat
Artistic and technical assistant Stéphane Dardé-Chipeaux
Technical study construction of letters Pierre Dequivre

Director of Productions Florence Meurisse
Production Manager Justine Cailliau Konkoj
Director Clément Séguier-Faucher

Pictures Aglae Bory