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Spectacular, a scholarly and recent derivative of the Latin spectaculum, applies to what concerns the spectacle. It is then didactic, common usage qualifying what speaks to the eyes and the imagination and by extension what strikes the imagination, equivalent to impressive, also used as a noun. » —

Historical dictionary of the French language, Alain Rey.


I wanted to see what was physically in the name “Spectacular. I imagine Spectacular, like a neon sign on the wall of a building; Thirteen neon letters: S P E C T A C U L A I R E

A name that announces itself; who informs; who promises; which illuminates; which attracts and proclaims itself. A sign in large letters, imposing, but which flashes, which malfunctions and thus malfunctioning, makes other words appear as if by accident.

In spectacular there is specter, there is willow, flash, skin, shot, ass.
In the spectacular there is reading, there is pleasing, there is petal, there is salary.
In spectacular, there is vice, there is silence, there is worse, there is Scala .
There are 99 other words, verbs, nouns, places, articles, adjectives, that I would like to use, all without exception.

Thus attempting to exhaust the resources of the spectacular. And from this exhaustion draw a poem, which could begin like this: “Show, illuminate the worst, draw your fear to light. »

Aurelien Bory



Conception and poem Aurélien Bory

General creative direction Thomas Dupeyron

Creation September 2019, ThéâtredelaCité-CDN Toulouse Occitanie

Toulouse, since September 2019, on the facade of the ThéâtredelaCité-CDN Toulouse Occitanie

Work created on the initiative of the ThéâtredelaCité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie, as part of the Portait-Paysage 2019-2020

AN ACQUISITION Les Abattoirs, Musée – FRAC Occitanie Toulouse, with the essential support of the Occitanie Region.